179th Stopped Pick-Pocket: They Really Do Work in Jerusalem's Old City!


Editor's Note: This is your first known stopped pick-pocket in Israel!​

Dear Clothing Arts,​

I just returned from Jerusalem.​ ​While there I wore your pants exclusively. Last Saturday while walking through the narrow, winding streets of the Old City, I was constantly being bumped around, as it was very crowded. I was wearing your Adventure Travel Pants with my wallet in the left rear pocket, in the inner zippered pocket, followed by the outer zippered pocket, and two-button flap.​ ​When I checked my pockets after I left that area, I discovered that the outer button of the left rear pocket had been unbuttoned. But that’s as far as the thief got.

I can speak to the well-designed and well-made products from Clothing Arts. They really do work!​ ​Oh, and no, there was nothing of value in my wallet. My money and credit cards were in my front pocket, protected by two zippers and a button flap!

Ron L​, from ​Murrieta, ​California