29th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Batting .500 Against Ecuadorian Pick-Pockets

We would like to start by saying that in order to make our pants as secure as possible, it is important to keep the most valuable items in our most secure pockets. Our designs offer multiple double and triple secure pockets. Zippers are more secure than snaps and we designed our pants to put security back into your hands. Pick-pockets are very good at what they do and have, most likely, picked many pockets before they ever attempt to get into yours.

In the below testimonial, travelers wearing both our Men's & Women's Travel Pants are approached by a team of pick-pockets. Our Women's Pants were are able to stop their attempts but the Men's Pants did not prevent them from lifting his wallet. It is also of note that this is the first stopped pick-pocket by a traveler wearing our Women's Travel Pants and our official 29th stopped pick-pocket.

The wallet was in his cargo pockets, behind the snap and button closures. This pocket offers some security and prevents items from falling out while traveling. The Adventure Traveler Pants have 6 triple secure pockets which would have been much harder to access and we always suggest that you utilize these for wallets or phones while in high traffic areas while traveling.

Here is the testimonial as received:

Dear Clothing Arts,

I have been a very pleased customer for several years.  I have two pants and one shorts and bought pants for my daughter and of course recommended to countless friends.

Unfortunately on my most recent trip the pants were not pick pocket proof. I am in Quito Ecuador  I had my wallet in my lower right pocket with snap and buttons closed my wallet was stolen apparently by a family with a small boy using small hands. While police were helpful, we were not able to find the family. Yes we were in a crowd and they kept squeezing against me despite pushing away, they were successful. Fortunately they failed to get my wife's cell phone despite efforts to open up her zipper. Fortunately we were not hurt, it took a while to calm down.

I lost $350 credit cards and drivers lunch   I immediately called card companies fortunately found an atm to get needed cash.

Some suggestions on web site:

Tell customers
Leave most valuables in hotel
Take very few documents
Leave one credit card behind in hotel
Only take minimum cash
Use zipper pocket with button and push to bottom
I would look to tighten up pockets only with buttons

I only wish this was a testimonial

Good Wishes

Traveler from Illinois, USA