April 08, 2022

New Testimonial: "Spotting & Stopping Pick-Pockets in Paris"

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Today, the Clothing Arts Team is proud to bring you another stopped pick-pocket testimonial from France. This makes two stops in the last 2 weeks for the country!! Incredibly, this is your 35th confirmed stopped pick-pocket in the city of lights... that we know about.

As travel restarts, the number of confirmed stops you send in will grow quickly with pick-pockets out of work for as long as we have limited our world travel. As our founder said, "You never think it's going to happen to you until it does!"

Today, more than ever before, it will pay to be prepared and RVJ was "by packing extra security" for Paris' notoriously sticky fingers on his recent trip to Eiffel Tower.

We received his testimonial via a ***** Review on our Business Traveler Pants and RVJ is from Jacksonville, FL.

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