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Boldly Explore the World: Keep your valuables safe in these lightweight and comfortable travel pants.

The Men's Adventure Pants are our best-selling Pick-Pocket Proof® design. For city travel, these pants sport highly secure pockets and are equally perfect for staying organized on an outdoor adventure.

The Nature-Like™ Nylon of the Men’s Adventure Pants makes for an amazingly versatile garment that can tour all hemispheres through all four seasons! This quick-dry fabric makes for easy care: machine wash or hang-to-dry while on the road.



  • 100% Nature-Like™ Nylon: The look & feel of Cotton with the benefits of Nylon
  • PFC-Free DWR: Environmentally Friendly Durable Water Repellent Finish
  • 11 Total multi-secure pockets: 5 triple secure & 6 double secure
  • 2 Double secure, zipper-secured hip pockets
  • 2 Triple secure, hidden Velcro pockets
  • 2 Triple secure, hidden smartphone/ credit card pockets (right and left side)
  • 2 Slash-resistant, double secure, expandable back pockets
  • 1 Triple secure, hidden passport pocket (rear left)
  • 2 Slash-resistant, double secure cargo pockets with hidden snap closure
  • Button-secured zipper guard: Cube logo deters thefts from a distance
  • YKK zippers (top of the line, self-repairing zippers)
  • Diamond gusset crotch for greater range of motion
  • Adjustable waist: reduces down to odd size (ex: 36" turns into 35")
  • Lightweight (22 oz)
  • Pre-washed for added comfort
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Water-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Quick-dry
  • UPF 50+
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Malcolm F.
United States United States

Fabulous Adventure Travel Pants/Shorts and Cubed Jacket

Over the years I have acquired 1 adventure travel pants, 3 shorts and 1 Cubed Jacket. I am male, 5ft 9ins. 175lbs and buy Medium. This is how I use them: 1. AT Pants- airplane travel - especially international. Pockets are large enough to hold my neck pouch which has Passport, money, etc so after I have been thru security I am able to put all my important documents in the pouch in a trouser pocket. Much more secure than putting them in carry on and then an overhead bin. I go around the world twice a year biz class and so lie down and sleep in them. I usually loosen my trouser belt to improve ventilation. The pouch stays in my trouser pocket until I reach my destination. I had a pickpocket in Barcelona on Las Ramblas make a half hearted to rob me but I felt the tug as he tried to undo the side pocket flap - I screamed and he rapidly left. :-)) 2. Cubed Jacket. I am surprised much I use this. I live in Boulder, CO, USA and use it for running errands around town, dinners, biz meetings. Continues to look pristine in spite of moderate use. Also use it for air travel. Very comfortable when paired with a Columbia Tamiami fishing shirt for air travel. Have not had to use it yet to off load overweight carry ons but I estimate it could hold at least 10lbs weight wise. Have worn it in Thailand rain storms - 90F - but it was too heavy/ not breathable enough to be comfortable to wear for more than a few mins. I put it in a ziplock bag when traveling and not wearing it. Does not crease. 3. Adventure shorts. In Thailand I can buy high end brand name shorts with zippers, etc for under $10. The problem is that the pickpockets know them better than the purchasers. The Adventure Shorts are fabulous. Comfortable, cool, and enough room to hold multiple phones, money, etc. I used to use a waist pouch/ plastic neck pouch for valuables but no longer need them. I also wear them almost every day during the Colorado summer In summary I am very happy.


Clothing Arts

Hi Malcolm... glad you're a fan of the clothes and congratulations on stopping a pick-pocket in Barcelona. Las Ramblas is famous for its pick-pockets and we're thrilled to have been there to make their job harder. Enjoy your secure pockets for many years to come and continued safe travels!!

United States United States

Proof Tested

I was excited about being in Paris, got distracted and let my guard down. I got caught in a classic pick-pocket scheme leaving Montmarte on the subway. Had my arms full of souvenirs and a group of pick-pockets separated me from our group and surrounded me so I couldn’t move. Then I felt someone messing with my back pocket. Since I had spent decent money on pick-pocket proof pants and I had left some money and cards back at the hotel, I decided to see how well the pants really worked, so I didn't try to stop them. The pick-pocket lady worked on the pocket until the next stop where they all got off to get on the next train. She never even got the first button open, and there were still two more closures to get through. Convinced me, so I bought another pair of pants and a pair of shorts. I do wish they had one pocket that wasn’t so secure so it would be easier to get out my phone in more secure areas.


Clothing Arts

Hi David... congratulations on stopping pick-pocket #217 in Paris!! It's incredible that you caught the pick-pocket and then let them continue to work on the pocket to see how far they would get. A real-world test and the pants passed with zero of the three layers of security breached. Enjoy the new pants and continued safe travels!!

Michael S.
United States United States

Stopped Pick-Pocket On My First Day In Paris

I was wearing my new pick pocket proof pants on our first day in Paris when an attractive young woman snuck up behind me and attempted to reach into my right pocket as I stepped onto an escalator. I felt her hand brush my hip and looked down to see her as she and three girlfriends made a quick getaway. My cell phone was in that pocket and I shudder to think how our vacation would have been ruined if she had been successful. Thank you Clothing Arts. The pants paid for themselves already.


Clothing Arts

Hi Michael... Congrats on stopping a pick-pocket in Paris! Thank you for choosing to see the world with our secure pockets, and we're glad that we were there to help secure your phone. Enjoy the pants on your travels for many years to come!

Mexico C.
Mexico Mexico

Mexico City pick-pocketers thwarted

If you get a sense that a bird may have just pooped on you, turn and look behind you. If there is someone offering to help clean up the mess, chances are they are pick-pocketers. I have had this done to me twice in Mexico City (I must look like an easy mark). The first time they took my phone and some cash. Then I bought three pairs of shorts!! The second attempt the robbers were unsuccessful. They could not figure out the zipper-button flap combo. I have since learned to tuck in the zipper also. Thank you Clothing Arts. I will be buying a couple pair of pants for our trip to Argentina.


Clothing Arts

Hi Adam... Congratulations on stopping a pick-pocket on your travels! You upgraded to the right apparel the second time around and must have given the bird poop crew a big surprise. It pays to be prepared and this proves it. Now you'll have less to worry about on your trip to Argentina... Continued Safe Travels!

United States United States

My Second Pair of CA pants....

I purchased a pair of the business pants a couple of years ago prior to an extended trip to South Asia. I felt very secure in the crowded cities of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia... not a single problem. I was not expecting these pants to be as comfortable as they are!! Great job!! On another note, I have been tucking my zipper pull into the bottom of the pocket flap. This is easy for the wearer to pull the zipper up with their fingernail but makes it almost impossible for anyone else to even access the zipper pull. Just another layer of protection that I appreciate. I am even more excited to travel to Africa in a few weeks with two pairs of these amazing pants!!


Clothing Arts

Hi Michael ... Thank you for choosing to see the world with our secure pocket, we couldn't do this without your support! Great find the 4th level of protection, that is advanced pick-pocket proof!! Enjoy the new pants on your upcoming travel to Africa, they are perfect for the temperature swings you'll encounter. Continued safe travels :)

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