Pick-Pocket Proof® Adventure Travel Pants


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Boldly Explore the World: Keep your valuables safe in these lightweight and comfortable travel pants.

The Men's Adventure Pants are our best-selling Pick-Pocket Proof™ design. For city travel, these pants sport highly secure pockets and are equally perfect for staying organized on an outdoor adventure.

The Nature-Like™ Nylon of the Men’s Adventure Pants makes for a cottony feel in a garment that can tour all hemispheres, year round. This quick dry fabric makes for easy care: machine wash or hang-to-dry while on the road.



  • New 3rd Generation Nature-Like™ Nylon - Our Most Advanced Fabric!
  • 100% Nature-Like™ Nylon: The look & feel of Cotton with the benefits of Nylon
  • PFC-Free DWR: Environmentally Friendly Durable Water Repellent Finish
  • 11 Total multi-secure pockets: 5 triple secure & 6 double secure
  • 2 Double secure, zipper-secured hip pockets
  • 2 Triple secure, hidden Velcro pockets
  • 2 Triple secure, hidden smartphone/ credit card pockets (right and left side)
  • 2 Slash-resistant, double secure, expandable back pockets
  • 1 Triple secure, hidden passport pocket (rear left)
  • 2 Slash-resistant, double secure cargo pockets with hidden snap closure
  • Button-secured zipper guard: Cube logo deters thefts from a distance
  • YKK zippers (top of the line, self-repairing zippers)
  • Diamond gusset crotch for greater range of motion
  • Adjustable waist: reduces down to odd size (ex: 36" turns into 35")
  • Lightweight (22 oz)
  • Pre-washed for added comfort
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Water-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Quick-dry
  • UPF 50+
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United States United States

My Second Pair of CA pants....

I purchased a pair of the business pants a couple of years ago prior to an extended trip to South Asia. I felt very secure in the crowded cities of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia... not a single problem. I was not expecting these pants to be as comfortable as they are!! Great job!! On another note, I have been tucking my zipper pull into the bottom of the pocket flap. This is easy for the wearer to pull the zipper up with their fingernail but makes it almost impossible for anyone else to even access the zipper pull. Just another layer of protection that I appreciate. I am even more excited to travel to Africa in a few weeks with two pairs of these amazing pants!!


Clothing Arts

Hi Michael ... Thank you for choosing to see the world with our secure pocket, we couldn't do this without your support! Great find the 4th level of protection, that is advanced pick-pocket proof!! Enjoy the new pants on your upcoming travel to Africa, they are perfect for the temperature swings you'll encounter. Continued safe travels :)

Gary R.

They're a WOW!

This is my second pair of Clothing Arts pants. I gave the first pair away years ago because they no longer fit. I ordered the current pair late in the Christmas rush, and supply chain issues and slow USPO aside, they arrive in 3 or 4 days. Perfect, comfortable fit, and I have been living in them since I bought them. The storage space (cell phone, water bottle) in them is remarkable and I love all the pockets and the security they will provide when I am in a "dicey" area.

Chip B.
United States United States

Incredible security in Barcelona

I am currently in Barcelona, which is known as a pickpocket capital of Europe. Nobody has even approached me to try and pick my pockets. At first I was incredibly relieved, but now I’m kinda insulted that no one is even trying! I act as “American” as I can while walking down Las Ramblas, hoping some pickpocket will at least attempt to get in these triple pickpocket proof pants. My phone and wallet are clearly in my pants. I look around as if I don’t have a care in the world, but no one even tries. It’s insulting when you feel like you’re the only person who pickpockets here don’t want to bother with. What, I’m not good enough for you? Jeeze. Tomorrow will be day five of our eight day trip. I’ve given up trying to tempt pickpockets. In fact I barely even notice that they’re there anymore. I guess I have Clothing Arts to thank for my non-existent experience with thieves here in Barcelona. And I’m so grateful that theft is a non-issue, Clothing arts. Thank you.


Clothing Arts

Hey Chip... glad you're enjoying your travel and the pants. You touch upon a great point and we believe the most valuable aspect of the pants is to deter a pick-pocket before they ever target you... then there are over 200 known stops to date on top of that. The best pick-pockets will notice that you have a more difficult lock to pick and just move on. We have no idea exactly how many pick-pockets have been deterred over the years but it's likely many times the number of confirmed stops. Enjoy the rest of your trip & continue safe travels!!

Jeff F.
United States United States

Two weeks in Italy

These pants work as advertised. I didn't expect them to be so comfortable. Flying from Colorado to Italy I wore them both ways I found they were just the right flexibility without much movement. They do a great job hiding all your valuables. I never needed to worry about pickpockets in Rome, Naples or Venice. If you travel abroad at all you need at least one pair of these pants!

Jill C.
United States United States


May of 2019, while on a packed train, in Milan, Italy, two young women tried unsuccessfully to pick my husband’s Clothing Arts shorts! He felt one of the women, constantly bumping him, then her hand in his pocket. She managed to open the ‘first line of defense’, then my husband elbowed her as hard as he could (wish you could have seen the look of surprise on her face). They turned and inched closer to the exit doors, jumped off at the next stop, and gave Jim the universal finger!!!


Clothing Arts

Hi Jill... congrats on having stopped pick-pocket #186 red-handed, literally. Enjoy wearing the shorts around the world for many years to come. Continued Safe travels!

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